How To Beat Roulette

 How To Beat Roulette

Many people will say that roulette is pure luck. However, there are actually ways that one can beat this game. However, digital roulette is not actually roulette. Instead, it is basically a slot machine. However, it is possible to beat non-computerized roulette, if you know physics. Physics can successfully tell you where a ball will land. Knowing where the ball will land is the way to beat the game, and it could win you a lot of money.If you want to predict where a real ball will land, a knowledge of physics is crucial. Of course, the necessary physics knowledge is far beyond the scope of this article. However, if you are a science-minded person, it could be possible to successfully learn. In fact, there are websites that are dedicated to the physics of a roulette wheel. Studying these sites, studying the mathematics of objects in motion, and having a keen eye could theoretically teach you how to beat roulette.


There are also systems that people claim can teach you how to beat roulette. However, these elaborate systems are ineffective most of the time. However, there are a few systems that can be effective. Unfortunately, they would be difficult to learn, unless you have the gift of being a mathematical genius. There have certainly been cases of mathematical geniuses who had systems to beat roulette and other games.

However, there are legal computer systems that calculate where a ball is likely to land. These computer systems can be uploaded on to cell phones. However, these devices are illegal in certain areas. Anyone can hypothetically beat roulette with one of these systems. However, of course, these systems are not 100 percent accurate. Often times, the computer is wrong and the player still loses.

Another way that you can learn to beat roulette is by studying the imperfections of roulette wheels. Many people will say that roulette wheels are designed to be free of imperfections. However, this is not the case at all. Most, if not all, roulette wheels are not completely even. This will skew the odds to certain numbers. Picking the numbers that are the low points on the wheel can potentially win you big money. Of course, this will not always work. However, it can greatly increase your odds of winning.

Unfortunately, previous spins do not always effect future spins. With online or digitized roulette, past spins cannot have any effect on future spins at all. If the computer system is faulty, it may be possible for certain numbers to be better odds. However, this is not the norm. Many gamblers believe this myth, and it can prove very costly. Of course, previous spins can effect future spins if there is an imperfection in a wheel. Otherwise, this is just a myth.

All in all, there are ways to try to beat roulette. Although none of them are perfect, they can greatly increase your shot of winning. Learning physics, getting a legal computer system, and examining a wheel for low points all help you to have a better chance of winning.

Disclaimer: I must emphasize that none of these methods are 100 percent effective or even close. Gambling still carries a financial risk, and no system or method of gambling eliminates that risk. However, this is the whole game of roulette and why it is called “roulette”.