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Any New Latin-English College Lexicon for the First step toward the actual Latin-German Lexicon

The political parties of the election promises are usually located in a wide range of economy if they stand out with tax cuts and social support. Especially in order to support growth, attempts to industry are to the forefront.

In fact, as in the past periods, the parties share the choice declaration does not meet this actual situation. Or as a change to the pre-plan after elections. Because the Presidential government system has no direct relationship between the parties to be established with the parties. The weight of the parties is legislative, that is to occur in the TBMM. In this respect, the presidential candidates ie “those who are the candidates for the” executive “, in the” old habits “, the basic promises were continued and the basic promises were revealed by parties.

The first criticism of the promises in the squares and selection statements was expressed by the Justice and Development Party. It has been suggested that the proposals reached as high as the public finance cannot lift. Justice and Development Party suggested that their promises have increased their public expenditures to TL 30 billion but the burden of opposition parties is up to TL 130 billion.

The opposition parties who responded to the questions of the Earth also announced the technical plan of economic recommendations. The CP Economy Unit UTKA Balaban stressed that CHP’s economic policy recommendations are up to 6 percent of GDP. Corresponding, he stressed that the economic policy in which the CHP puts the ChP will provide income increase in three channels. Starting the effect of policies starting from six months and stated that it will be strongly felt in a 1.5-year process, it would be income from three channels. Balaban said that the AK Party is wrong and that the correction of the correction will provide the increase in the savings rates, which the third channel does not mean that the third channel does not mean that the tax increase in the tax increases in the tax increases, but also provide the financial field to provide a direct tax increase.

The parties have economic promises in various areas. Among these, some measures that increase the expenditure increased attention. Justice and Development Party began to implement the payment of 1000 TL before religious holidays before the elections. CHP and good party were found in promises to pay unemployment towards young people.

The good party is the Vice President Ayfer Yilmaz, “Magic formula is not needed. The largest source of public administration leading to arbitration and wasting, corruption and irregularities, “he said. Yılmaz emphasizes that the unregistered economy with the use of informatics technologies is limited to TL 70 billion of additional income, and also has a potential of TL 30 billion in 3 years in unregistered employment. In the tax field, 10 points of accrual / collection rate stated that Yılmaz, rant revenues, which states that there are TL of TL 67 billion, exceptions and exemptions, and the revision of the reconciliation of the reconciliation, which indicates that there are revenue of TL 34 billion.

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With this, the Turkish tobacco monopoly has been removed and our tobaccount has received the second heavy pulse of history. The local and foreign capital has been able to produce tobacco products by partnership with the monopoly.

In 1989, 85% American, 15% of the Turkish tobacco was used by the TEKEL 2000 cigarette, the doors were opened to American tobacco until the end.

In 1992, Philsa cigarette factory started production in Torbalı. The same year, multinational cigarette company R.J. Reynolds (purchased by JTI in 2000) also started production in Torbalı. In the same year, Düzce, Adapazarı, Gonen and Kırklareli were commonly started to the production of American origin tobacco by the private sector.

In 1995, the production of the TEKEL 2001 cigarettes was held in 1995 to compete with American cigarettes. As in the TEKEL 2000 cigarette, this cigarette was 85% American, 15% Turkish tokina. Tobacco exporter of Turkey, came to more imported tobacco would condition.

In 1993, 1994 and 1996, the rookies government served in the Turkish tobacco cotted to Turkish tobacco, gave the foreign tobacco! After the rookies, the task has continued the same application in 1996 in the Deathment of Deathment!

In 1997, Best was taken from the production activity by selling the production facilities to Tekel. The same year, the decision of the Council of Ministers can be established by allocations of Tekel by allocating their own smoking brands, factories and other assets. Foreign monopolies fired by the first council, they stepped into Anatolian territory with this decision of our Assembly. The new goals have completely captured the tobacco and cigarette market by establishing cigarette factories in our country, and they set up their first factories in Izmir as partners with Sakıp Sabancı for this purpose.

Although multinational cigarettes of multinational cigarettes operating in our country, all the amenities provided their market share their market shares have been removed on 17% of their last targets; TEKEL’s customization and sharing the market among the companies!

DSP, MHP and ANAP coalition in 2001, but as a result of the President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, as a result of the President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, as the area regulatory and supervisory organization with Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Drinks (TAPDK) ” was established. While the cigarette factories of Tekel is closed behind the other, in 2002 in 2002 in the British American Tobacco (Bat), in 2004, in 2004, IMPERIAL firms started production in the cigarette sector.

The privatization process in our country was imposed with such logic and unwise charges that I was imposed by the citizens who wanted to privatize, and he could not say that he was afraid of eating homeland traitor stamp.

In the morning, he was accused of the first step in the first step in the first step they would oppose customizations in a written in 1994 in 1994; “… the fact that those opposed to privatization results they are trying to prevent Turkey’s democratization emerges.” According to this statement, Prime Minister Clement Attlee (1945-1951), Prime Minister Harold Wilson (1945-1969), Prime James Callaghan (1974-1979), for the Prime James Callaghan (1974.

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“We don’t think we will lose all of these or all the great people we collect,” he said. When the trade starts, the shares in the company were worth about $ 5 billion.

A 21-year-old mother Shoemaker, which is a developer that produces roblox games and virtual items, said he has earned more than $ 500,000 from the platform since the pandem started. Credit. . . Gabriela Hasbun, for The New York Times

The new stock was established in 2004 by Roblox, Engineer and Entrepreneur, which is not output directly in the quota, and by Erik Cassel. (Mr. Cassel died from cancer in 2013)

The site published in 2006 is an online universe that players can interact and choose from over 20 million unique games. They can then use their avatars to explore tropical forests or use the pets to be available. Players pay for items and clothes for avatars as well as premium memberships using a digital currency called Robux.

Roblox has consistently gained popularity between young viewers. This growth was concentrated by the pandem last year. The company said that the average of 32.6 million people in the Roblox has logged in 32.6 million people, which is 17.6 million, which is almost twice the mean 2019 average. Although roblox is unprofitable, the income increased by 82 percent last year to $ 924 million.

Over the years Roblox has provided $ 871 million funds. The largest investors include Altos Ventures, Index Ventures and Meritech Capital Partners.

Roblox has enriched many developers who make their games and digital accessories. Most developers are young people and young adults growing on the platform. They shared their profits 50-50 with the company.

The most popular roblox games can win six digit salaries. A 21-year-old developer Mom Shoemaker said that since the pandem started earned more than $ 500,000 from most platforms. She said that SHE has used a portion of two employees and used to rent a dozen contractor.

The epidemic-borne success said, “Roblox has been the driving force I need to have my full-time job.” “

Roblox would be open to the public in January after postponing the list in December. However, after the Securities and Exchange Commission prompts the Company to change the method of calculating the Company. Roblox has been asleep since that time.

In an investor event in an investor event last month, the company’s head operating responsible Craig Donato said Roblox is largely tried to add to international viewers and older players. The company said that the brighter graphics, more complicated games and increasingly realistic avatars.

He said that the final goal of the company is that people can live and interact as there, which identify a shared online universe, which is a concept that is a concept that is mostly reserved for science fiction. Roblox regulates business meetings on the platform and organizes virtual gigs in their universe.

Mr. Baszucki, on the investor day, “Mail, telegraph, telephone, text and video are tools for the common study, we believe that Roblox and Metaverse will participate as basic tools for business communication. “Finally, we can even shop in Roblox a day. “

However, before the metaeaverse takes place, ROBLOX will have to determine what the pandemic tides and children will be when it returns outside.

Astris Advisor, a Financial Consultancy company in Tokyo, David Gibson said, “A large part of the performance they achieve in 2020 in terms of income, especially in the United States,” he said. “My concern is to predict that this will slow down in the second half of 2021.”

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While large security measures are taken, it appeared that the bomb-looking assembly is left by students in a high school and left by the trash during cleaning.

The 658th History of History of Kırkpınar Oiled wrestling was the rising names after the semi-final competitions. The name of the final in the ER square was Ali Gürbüz-Orhan School. The golden belt will go to Antalya.

Held in Belgrade in Serbia Central, South and South-East Europe in Geography Olympiad (Geography Olympiad Of Central, South and South Eastern Europe) Sanko Schools students Serhat Özfıstıkçı team takes place as captain of Turkey National Geography Team second poster presentation, culture In the introduction and presentation category, it has signed a great success in the third. the Olympics, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria and the other in which Bosnia and Herzegovina

The President of GiresunSpor Sacit Ali Eren said they were planning to discard official signatures at the beginning of July with the footballers in the transfer.

The small hearts team, which created students who work in Kayseri City Hospital, gives you to wear clown clothes and visit children in the hospital training task. Chiefly Professor Dr. İLHAMI Steel said that children who find morale with their visits to the crew made easier to treat treatment.

The Old Court of Memorial Muzaffer Montenegro was tried by the Court of Cassation, the Court of Republic of Cassation was given to the principal of the Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecutor’s Prosecution – From the Lower Border of the TCK’s ‘Error’ Provisions to be sentenced to imprisonment between 7 years and 15 years. demanded to be given away

ChP General President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu: – I wish our citizens to lose their life in the flood disaster in Trabzon Rogue, and I wish our condolences and patience to their families’

Sudan’s capital in Hartum, the number of people who have lost their life in the intervention in the intervention in oppositional demonstrators who have been in the opposition to the civil government for the transition to civilian government in front of the General Headquarters of the Army, has increased to 13.

In Bursa, two robbers that come to a jeweler and the armed robbers, the work place owner with the band cutter apparatus throwing the panic and remained away from the event location, the robbery attempted to the security camera outside the place of work.

Kayınpder has opened his / her daughter to his / her daughter that he was attacking his daughter, he attacked his daughter with the pump with the pump with the pump. 1 person injured in the event.

With the 268 residents of the care, 200 employees shared a total of 10 million 200 thousand euro bonuses and residential woman: – ‘I’m going to die without a very desirable trip. Now I will help my trip and help my three children with the remaining money ‘

Göztepe: 2 – Nazilli Belediyespor: 1- First match 3-0 winning Göztepe printed his name in the last 16 rates

In the Gelibolu district of Çanakkale’s Gelibolu District, the policemen is drifted by uninstalling the ‘Stop’ warning, drift, drive an alcohol vehicle and drive the driver undocumented 8 thousand TL penalty.

At a casino in Batumi city of Georgia bordering Turkey, Levent U.

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But at least they could walk, they could go on the streets. Since the worlds were all these languages ​​and sterile, the language they taught were also realized and sterile, the theoretical -yan has not been able to speak English as a gramatic – even though it was known to be known as a nebul.

Then I learn English-I-II-III … The merry-taught taught in the sequence of the I-II-III, he was unhappy with really unhappy people he was unhappibly tested by true life. Hearing their children speak English was a terrific pride for mid-class Turkish parents. They didn’t miss any opportunity. Pat, in front of their relatives and friends, they forces their children to speak English, to say something, it is enough to be in English enough. The desires to hear their children speak English, without any content or utilities, but the beter of the Beter is the beter, these mainstals have revealed several tourists. ‘Why aren’t talking to,’, ‘Go to their children,’ Go with tourists, ask, do you need something. You get the English class of two periods. You can talk!..’

The author of these books, which are designed to teach English to Turkish students and the first publication date is 1949, is the Edward Vivian Gatenby, which was born in the West Witton town, in the Leyburn Local area of ​​North Yorkshire, North Yorkshire (1892-1955).

House from London University, House Gatenby, Japan / Sendai, who received professor title between 1923 and 1942, served as English Language and Literature in Tohuku Imperial University, shortly after returning to England, British in 1944 Culture Association (British Council) Turkey Linguistics Consultant for operations by the Council (Linguistic Advisor) as had been sent. At the same time, he started to work as a Pedagoji Professor of Pedagogi and the English Department at the Gazi Education Institute, and in 1945, in 1945, he started to work as a professor of English Language and Literature in Ankara University Language and Date-Geography. Unending E. V. Gatenby, E. V. Gatenby had given a series of English classes at Ankara Radio since 1951.

4 libraries prepared by Faucet for previously state schools in Turkey, “If Oxford İngilizce Code” and written by Charles Eckersley “Essential İngilizce for Turkish Students” Taking into account some weaknesses in textbooks, was at hand to write a new textbook. Of course this was not for reason; Students in public schools in Turkey in three foreign languages ​​(French, German and English) I have the freedom to choose one and the majority of pupils prefer English. However, in the 1943-44 education period, but 25,600 students had English training, but the reason was inefficiency of English. In contrast, French language education was supported by the France Government and to give an example of a large Turkish high school (probably galatasaray), 12 French teachers were served. Large cities in the provinces was greater needs and resources, as well as teachers and can be a second foreign language is English, if Turkey’s demands that it has already resolved.

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